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Commerfest 2015

Welsh Commer Weekend II

12th February 2012

Bazateer is kindly organising our next meet, the second to take place at the Rising Sun, Pandy, Abergavenny on weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th May 2012

Details of the venue can be found here: Rising Sun Pub

There are toilets and showers on site with two dozen hook-ups available and by good fortune there is a pub attached to the camp-site with good food and drink and great owners/staff. The Imp Club have been going for 11 years now, so well recommended. Details of fees etc can be found on the above link.

Please let him know on the forum if you are going to attend - there's around 12 so far and as ever you will be warmly welcomed with or without a van!

More details and discussion in the forum

Next meet at Coventry Commer Panels announced

7th September 2010

Woolfy has kindly offered to arrange a meet at his HQ outside coventry on 24th - 26th September

Please let him know by phone or on the forum if you are going to attend

More details and discussion in the forum

Commerfest - the aftermath

4th August 2010

A HUGE thanks to Martin & Karen along with all those who worked hard to set-up the site and make everything go so smoothly.

I will be adding more pictures to the site once I have digested and seen everything everyone has to offer and asked them their kind persmission, but for now here's the mugshots of all 43 vans that made it, and a mini-commervoy video that formed for ITV news.

Follow-up in the forum

2010 - a very big year!

5th January 2010

2010 is the 5th Anniversary of Commer Van Fan, but more importantly is the 50th Birthday of the Commer van!

Our first major event has been announced, organised by Martin and Karen at Yorkshire Classic Campers HQ (aka Commerland). Details from Marin:

Commerfest 2010-50th Aniversary

30th,31st July & 1st August

Location Commerland(Between Leeds & York)

We are going to try and make this a really big event (for Commers anyway). So we are putting on food and live entertainment This will obviously involve some cost, so there will be a fee this time, yet to be set. It won't be a lot, but we would like to have some left over, to go to Breast Cancer Research. As some of you will know, Karen was hit by this 2 years ago, so we would like to put some back, to help others in the future.

More details and discussion in the forum


11th November 2009

The forum and mechanical areas of the site now have a wonderful Google gadget that allows people to search the forum from here too

I've added in some pictures of the Meet at Coventry last month Coventry Meet 09

And finally I'm using the wonderful Commervoy video taken by Woolfy's landlord at the meet to the top of the page!

More details and discussion in the forum

Next Commer Meet announced

14th October 2009

With thanks to wooly for arranging the next meet which should see a new record of vans near Coventry, home of Coventry Commer Panels. FRI, SAT, SUN, 16-18TH OCTOBER

See pics of the last meet Cambridge Meet 09

More details and discussion in the forum

Updates, updates, updates

8th November 2008

Had the chance to update the Mechanical section with some hints and tips thanks to panky too.

Also added in pictures of the New Forest meet thanks to those whose pictures I stole!

There are also some new vans in the members section:

Paul and Sally

If you think I have missed your van or some invaluable hint/tip please let me know via email

Congratulations to Will

1st February 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to Will and Jay for their appearance in Practical Classics magazine this month! Welcome to anyone who found us as a result and please check out the forum where a warm welcome awaits you.

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