1973 tax exempt Auto Sleeper

The first pic is as we found her,the day we collected her. The second pic was taken on our way home from Hatton Park.

Since selling Ran to Nick & Matt,sybhil has been the subject of our affection(well one of them any way) she has had a few bits from no.1 & will need a few of woolfy's panels before paint one day.I just love to be out in her.

Number 1

Commer autosleeper - 1968 declared manufactured 1970

She was purchased off ebay in March (go to the forum for the full scenario). An original commerville commer! (purchased from Alton Hampshire)
Lot's of blood sweat & tears needed here!!
Previously registered/used overseas
She will be my pride and joy.... one day! For now she is waiting patiently in the queue; all good things are worth waiting for.

I really like all the little quirky period features she is detailed inside & out with